My spouse slept late this morning

Yesterday was my spouse’s birthday as well as we decided to hang out with some friends in the city.

My pal and I went to a club as well as spent all night dancing as well as drinking, then when the club closed at 3:00 in the morning, my friends, my spouse as well as I went to an all night eating establishment. My pal and I munched on burgers, fries, as well as blts, however i also had a slice of pie before we decided to go home. On the way back to the house, my spouse as well as I decided to smoke a marijuana joint. I was hopeful that the marijuana joint would ease the queasiness I was feeling in my stomach. I drank too much that night as well as after that I put greasy heavy food on top of it, however the marijuana joint tasted fantastic as well as it did help with the queasiness I was feeling in my stomach. My spouse does not usually smoke recreational marijuana, so she was absolutely stoned after we smoked, she laid down in bed as soon as the daylight was coming up. I woke up around 9:00 in the morning. There’s no way I can sleep much later than that, even if I do not go to bed until the daylight comes up. My spouse, on the other hand, can sleep through loud sirens as well as the tornado alert. She slept until noon. When she woke up at breakfast time, the first thing she wanted to do was eat. She asked me to make her breakfast with bacon, eggs, hash browns, as well as French toast. She was starving after sleeping 8 hours as well as half of the day was already gone.
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