The state finally legalized recreational marijuana this time

I guess that whole marijuana has a ton of good health and body benefits.

It can help with pain relief and anxiety and even work well as an antiemetic.

There are already more than a dozen different states across the country that have legalized mariojuana in some form for recreational purposes. I was hoping we would be one of the first states to pass the law too, however it has been a genuinely slow process. It’s also been almost 10 years since the state legalized medical marijuana sales. I thought that recreational marijuana would be legalized soon after, however it has taken nearly a decade. I was totally thrilled to see the state finally legalized recreational marijuana this year on the ballot. I rallied hard for almost everyone to get out there and vote, especially if they were a proponent of legalizing recreational marijuana. I eventually spent the afternoon driving people to the poles and I was excited to see the boats at the end of the day. Slowly however surely the numbers trickled in and we needed 65% of the vote in order for recreational marijuana to pass. When 90% of the district’s had reported, we already had a whopping 79% of the vote. It’s also unquestionably going to take some time before there are recreational marijuana dispensaries in the area, however now that recreational marijuana has been legalized, anyone can go to a medical shop and buy marijuana. Starting the day that the law goes into effect, it will no longer be totally necessary for any lady to have a medical marijuana card in order to buy from a dispensary.


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