Education classes are held every Saturday morning

Every Saturday morning, there is an education class held at the medical marijuana shop.

The medical marijuana shop sells supplies to any person that has an access card from the state.

I had to go to a doctor to get access to medical marijuana. The doctor gave me a mental and physical examination and determined that I qualified for medical marijuana. I’ve been going to the dispensary near me for the last 8 months. Last month they started offering education classes. Every Saturday morning there is an education class and they teach people about medical marijuana and how it can help a variety of mental and physical problems. I sat in on part of the class last Saturday and it was very informative and concise. The manager has a special education expert that comes to the dispensary every Saturday to talk to the class and answer questions. She even offers referrals if a person wants to learn more about medical marijuana from a doctor. The education classes get people into the dispensary and that means that we constantly have more and more customers in the building. More customers means higher sales and job security. I want to see marijuana legal all over the state with access for everyone over 21. Medical marijuana has been legal for the last 2 years and there hasn’t been a rise in crime or drug use. I might even argue that the number of drug related crimes has also lowered. I am very hopeful that our state will eventually legalize medical and recreational marijuana with access to everyone.
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