I needed a specialized hiring recruiter for the cannabis shop

It was quite easy to have a recruiter handle all of the hiring process.

When you own a cannabis shop, there are a ton of important responsibilities that have to be handled. My business partner and I tried to do everything on our own, but in the beginning we needed a ton of help. When we first started the shop and opened the doors, we had a specialized hiring recruiter take care of the process of hiring budtenders, security, and management staff for the shop. The hiring recruiter had a local event to advertise the jobs at the cannabis shop. All of the applicants went to the events and were interviewed. They had to take certain exams and tests. The applicants were ranked by the amount of knowledge they had on marijuana strains and products. The cannabis recruiter gave us a list of names and it was up to us to contact their references and choose however many we wanted. After we made our choices, the recruiting company handled all of the paperwork and orientation. It was quite easy to have a recruiter handle all of the hiring process. Nowadays, my business partner and I handle all of those things on our own. We have a manager that handles the hiring process and my business partner and I only get involved if the manager is having a hard time making a decision. It’s nice to have companies that are specialized in areas like cannabis management, payroll, and recruiting. Cannabis dispensaries are a new and interesting industry and it takes a special person to know and understand the way that the companies work.



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