The last delivery of the evening was totally far away

The marijuana delivery service covers all of the town and a good amount of the country areas outside of the Metropolitan area also.

I’ve been working for the marijuana delivery service for approximately 6 months.

I was working behind the counter and then a spot opened up for a delivery driver. One of my buddies was working as a driver and the woman was making $100 every single evening in tips. On the weekends, she was making two times that amount. I was hoping to land a job working as a delivery driver as well. When the spot opened, I went directly to the supervisor and asked if I could interview. She told me that an interview was not even needed and I could have the job working as a delivery driver. She could find someone else to take over my shifts inside of the store. I care about working at the marijuana shop and dispensary. It is an arena with a lovely ambiance. Everyone is unquestionably friendly, chill, and perfectly laid back. I usually have orders all the way until the end of the evening and I do not get back until the store is eventually closed. On Tuesday evening the last delivery of the evening was way far out to the west side of the city. The order came in approximately ten minutes before closing. It was a 45 minute drive from the dispensary to the address, but the client ordered $200 worth of merchandise. I did not get to the address until it was about 11:00 in the evening, but the client did not seem to mind in the slightest. The woman was gleeful that she had her marijuana supplies and did not have to wait until the following afternoon for her delivery.

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