I might not drink, but I’m gonna get high

The two of us were hoping to read the room temperature as well as get people’s opinions on many of the delicate subjects.

Every one of us believe that it was absolutely necessary to have a driver that is designated before the end of the night so people can still get drunk as well as destroyed.

A single person stay sober all night long and that is the chauffeur. Even though we have services like uber as well as Lyft that are available, it’s still a good idea to have a sober person with you at all times. I like to regularly be the designated driver as well as still smoke weed. The two of us might not drink any rum or beer, but the two of us are definitely going to be having cannabis. The two of us personally feel that cannabis gets us messed up completely. There is nothing at all anymore that is the same of driving under the Cannabis influence as it is driving under the influence of alcohol. A lot of people would say that there are some differences, but I am a person to say this is completely bologna. I have easily driven drunk as well as the two of us have also been high using marijuana products. It is easily clear that smoking marijuana is basically no problem at all and then there are some people that would disagree as well as say that it is worse than driving drunk. It is one of the ongoing debates that people know best.

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