I like a good challenge at work

The two of us consistently prefer to relax as well as have fun by getting stoned.

The two of us have an incredibly stressful job as well as the two of us have to make lots of cell phone calls throughout the day.

When the two of us finish up with a shift, the two of us have to shut down our brain as well as relax until falling asleep. This would usually entail us to have a few cocktails as well as joints that are premium cannabis. Some people would believe this too sound stupid however there are weekends when the two of us have ideas that would make laboring in our life far more enjoyable plus rewardable. The two of us would easily love to get stoned at work and that includes bringing some cannabis to the office. The two of us can get ripped outside in the parking lot before we come to work as well as then the two of us can easily smoke more cannabis on lunch. The two of us knew that we were easily spending some time before clocking in and more cannabis was necessary in order to get through a nine-day shift. I have a highly stressful job as well as cannabis is something that makes me a nicer person. Nicer people as well do not make these sales as well as this is one reason why I have to abstain from smoking cannabis while at work. I would eventually lose my job for an exhausting performance and be looking for something completely new.

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