The driver got to smoke cannabis

I seriously wanted to adjust the temperature in the room and I decided to get lots of people’s opinions that were about a delicate subject.

Many people had discussed a designated driver and this is something that happens when many people drink together plus get destroyed plus then there is a single person that stays sober just show that person can be a chauffeur.

Uber is readily available but my friends still think it’s a good idea to have a single sober person watching over everyone else throughout the evening. My question for this is does the designated driver still get to smoke cannabis. I really don’t mind having the night away from booze but cannabis is something different. I feel personally that cannabis doesn’t absolutely miss me up and just makes me feel more normal. Should the driver that is designated avoid things like that and know the lot. Driving under the Influence category is actually the same as driving drunk and then we would call BS on this person due to providing us with a safe experience. Most times I have a lot of cannabis in my system while driving around and this is basically due to the fact that I am high almost all the time plus smoke a bit of marijuana throughout the day. I need to stop drinking plus smoking for a long time but I would rather just pay for an Uber or a lift to take me from one place or the other for the night. I would be able to do that but it’s not guaranteed to be fun.


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