I prefer to get stoned at work

After Labor I prefer to relax and get stoned.

I have an honestly stressful job and I have to make lots of sales calls each plus every day.

When I have finished up with the shift, I choose to shut off my brain plus relax until sleep comes. This entails a lot of cocktails plus even joints that are premium cannabis. This could sound stupid to some people but there are weekends when all of us have genius ideas. I found something to make work life far more fun plus rewarding. I begin to get stoned a great deal at work. I never bring cannabis directly to the office to even smoke and I can really get ripped in this parking lot before clocking in. I like to have even more cannabis on my supper break and then spend the 9-hour shift being stoned. This house made the office setting a great deal of more fun. On another hand it has easily impacted most of my sales in a setback way. As every one of us mentioned the stress of the job, Cannabis is one thing that can’t make us comfortable plus relax. It is much easier and harder to convince someone to buy products with a head that is filled up with cannabis. I realize that quickly I do not have the heartless nature that a regular salesman does plus it seems that cannabis makes me a much nicer person overall plus to everyone at labor. I really need to use marijuana at night or a time when work will not be affected.

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