I only smoke a little cannabis

Many of my friends enjoyed drugs but I was not a person like that.

I usually went through many phases during college when I was experimenting with unusual substances that were illegal.

I was curious honestly about different hallucinogens plus sampled many different things. This was multiple years ago plus I can’t say that I am cheerful to be a person that has easily experimented plus moved on. I just easily wanted to know about these experiences and now that I do, I can move on with my own lifestyle. I still regularly smoke cannabis every single day. I don’t absolutely do many drugs per se but there are people that would still believe cannabis to be a drug. I regularly disagree and believe that cannabis is actually a plant that has medicinal benefits. It does not seem to be much of an illegal drug. More plus more states have easily agreed plus I have been stoked to see locations that are making cannabis legal. This is easily something that is long overdue. Cannabis should not have ever been illegal in the first location because it isn’t very harmful. Of course you have not heard any stories about someone overdosing on marijuana products and succumbing to the dangers. This has not happened while the history of cannabis is certain. There are really no end dangers or addictive qualities that would keep a person from doing marijuana and smoking a little bit of cannabis every single day and afternoon. I’m going to continue to smoke cannabis products everyday for my life.
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