I get to smoke pot all day at work

Working from home proved to be an unusual transition but you see all of us are not job driven or even ambition. All of us are just the type of person to make some currency plus absolutely cherish the job. When many people told us that we were going to start working from our home, I was feeling like it was a prank. I really did not want to labor from my home and would have preferred to sit on the sofa in my pajamas while working on my laptop. I was easily upset that cannabis was going to be out of hand while standing in my place all day but this was a chance at all of us were willing to take. Smoking marijuana at the office carries a penalty plus trouble plus possibly even being fired so I was not a person to do that. There is no oversight at home plus not a single person that pays attention to me so there is truly nothing to stop me from smoking most of the day. The bosses don’t easily care that I am smoking cannabis when the labor is getting done. If I am too stoned to actually Focus then I will have numbers that will drop plus this could be an issue. During all of the daytime I like to smoke sativa strains and then I switched to an Indica that is later on during the day. It’s important to have the right cannabis strains because I save her being able to smoke all day plus still keep my projects done.

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