Getting high three bizarre ways

Let me tell you about the honestly amazing weekend I just had.

First of all, things started off wonderful on Friday! Just after dinner the power went out at the shop.

After a half hour, the boss decided to close down for the afternoon, so I got sent property 3 hours early! On my way property I stopped by the gas station for a 12 pack plus some smokes. On a whim I decided to buy a scratch-off lottery ticket! Guess what? I won $300 currency! I took my winnings across the street to the liquor store for a great bottle of scotch, plus then stepped inside the cannabis dispensary to spend the rest of my currency. This was “found currency” meaning it happened by chance, so it was better for my karma to spend it on cannabis then put it in the bank. My first instinct was to buy a fat sack of a premium cannabis strain like OG Kush or Purple Haze. On second thought I decided to spread my currency around, plus buy a variety of cannabis products instead. I still got a little OG Kush, however I also picked up some cannabis edibles, plus a current vape pen; Personally I feel that bizarre kinds of cannabis products hit me differently. For example, edibles don’t get me high the same way as smoking out does, plus the same is tploy for vape products. I planned to find out what it was like to get stoned all three ways at once, by smoking weed, vaping, plus chowing down on some cannabis edibles.

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