The hustle of selling cannabis for a living

Some people call it “the hustle” others call it “the grind” or “the game.” There are a hundred bizarre ways to say it, however it all means the same thing – what my great friend and I do to make currency so my great friend and I can survive in this insane world.

I tried to walk the straight plus narrow plus handle my bills with a proper job, however the pay was just too low.

I don’t have much of an education, so I couldn’t receive any real currency the even-handed way. To make ends meet I started selling cannabis. I started off with a “quarter pound” or four ounces worth of locally grown marijuana, plus within a week I doubled my investment. I took that currency plus purchased a full pound of cannabis, plus from there my operation started to grow. Since I sold marijuana to the youngsters at the university campus I could double my investment every time. In other words, I sold the cannabis for twice what I paid for it. In this state my great friend and I have legalized medical cannabis, however there are a lot of restrictions on who can buy it, plus how much they can buy, however only the sick plus elderly can legally buy cannabis around here, so my services were in wonderful demand for the university students. After a few weeks I couldn’t keep my inventory in stock, plus had to buy greater plus greater amounts of cannabis. I also got asked repeatedly for other kinds of drugs, however I exclusively sold cannabis plus nothing else. With the currency I am making, it would be foolish to work a normal job.


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