I cherish getting high at the petting zoo

In the past I have gotten high plus gone to the zoo, but I had never been stoned at a petting zoo, which let me just say is a far more pleasurable experience, however at the real zoo there is always a prison vibe happening! When I get stoned I feel anxious for the critters trapped like that, however the petting zoo is filled with cute little babies, plus creatures allowed to run around free.

  • It’s much more uplifting, especially with a head full of cannabis smoke.

I cherish the baby goats most of all, especially because if I stand still long enough they will climb on me like a rock. I stand in the parking lot for an hour, smoking a few bowls of cannabis plus getting really ripped, plus then go spend an afternoon with the baby goats at the petting zoo. It’s amazing. What is your favorite interest to do under the influence of cannabis? That’s the best thing about weed, right, how it enhances the delight you get from things? A buddy of mine cares about getting ripped on OG Kush, eating a few edibles, plus then spending a whole evening at the planetarium! Shows at the planetarium are only 30 minutes long however he doesn’t care, he will pop cannabis edibles plus watch 7 or 8 shows over the course of a night… For me, there is nothing that tops the baby goats. I also cherish cannabis edibles, however to me they don’t pack the same punch as smoking flowers. I usually only take cannabis edibles when I plan on sitting on the couch for a few hours.

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