My friend sold cannabis to spend money for school

I want to tell you about an seasoned friend of mine named Carl.

I first met Carl about ten years ago, when I was attending school. Carl was in one of my classes, and my associate and I hit it off rather well once I found out she was a gambler and a weed dealer. My pal and I hung out and had beers a few times, and slowly became fantastic friends. I also availed of her professional services, however you see, Carl worked absolutely difficult to spend money her own way through school separate from taking out student loans. She made money by “running a book” and taking bets on athletic interesting events. She also sold cannabis and on precious options she would sell other drugs too. Cannabis was a given with Karl, she consistently had some on hand, however it was precious for him to sell pills or mushrooms. She explained to me that, at the time, the cops didn’t undoubtedly appreciate busting a cannabis dealer, however they undoubtedly wanted to bust an ecstasy dealer. As long as she stuck to selling cannabis, Carl didn’t have to worry about the cops. She had rules that she abided by, and that allowed him to successfully make money from cannabis for the entire time she was going to school. Once Carl graduated, she instantly stopped selling cannabis and taking athletic interests bets. The cannabis was a means to an end, so once she reached the end, she stopped dealing. The only fantastic part about that was she had a “fire sale” at the end by selling her remaining cannabis at a deep discount.


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