I like my little, discreet vape pen

Vape pens are a wonderful way to have marijuana concentrates while you are on the road or walking around, then vaporizer pens have a small battery with a coil that gets warm.

Vaporizer pens use a cartridge that has marijuana oil.

These oils can be sativas, hybrids, or indicas. They can be resin, rosin, or even hash oil! As the marijuana oil heats up, it turns into a vapor that can be inhaled. This vapor is often around 79% THC or higher, and i have bought some marijuana distillate pens that are 90% thc, one of the best strains for me is an indica called grandaddy purp plus I regularly find it around 90% or higher. Vaporizer pens are absolutely discreet plus that is one thing that I genuinely prefer. I like to have marijuana even when I am out plus about. I am regularly a absolutely uneasy plus sad person, but marijuana makes me feel like I am more calm plus relaxed. I keep the vaporizer pen with me at all times, plus including when I am at work, but sometimes I sneak into the washroom plus have a little bit of marijuana… No one in the office knows that I smoke at all plus I do not go outside for cigarette breaks; When I do go to the washroom, I am smoking marijuana plus no one knows. I like having a secret that no one in the office knows about plus as long as I am discreet plus do not get caught, no one will ever know that I am high all afternoon at the office.



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