Vacation is going to be loads of fun this year

Ever since my wife and I have been married, we have gone to see her parents every year for christmas.

  • They live in a cold weather climate about 12 hours drive from our home.

We usually take the car, because we have loads of presents for everyone in the family. It will cost a fortune to fly all of the items in our luggage and the post office isn’t much cheaper. It’s just easier for the two of us to take our car and load everything into the back seat. This year in October, my wife mentioned doing something drastic and different to celebrate the holidays. She found out that her mom and dad were going to skip the holidays and go skiing. My wife and I weren’t interested in going skiing at all, but my wife mentioned going to the beach for a couple of days. We don’t have to go anywhere to go to the beach, but there is a place that is 3 hours south and in a state with recreational marijuana dispensaries. We hardly ever use recreational marijuana together anymore. We used to smoke a lot together when we were in college and then we got jobs and kids and responsibilities and we stopped smoking pot. I’m really looking forward to vacation this year and the 10 days that we will be able to spend on vacation. I plan to buy a few different recreational marijuana products and try them out. I haven’t had anything since marijuana was legalized 10 years ago. Well, I did have an edible gummy at the office party but I don’t think it affected me at all.



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