The marijuana dispensary had hours for everyone.

I worked day shift, but my husband worked night shift.

We always worked separate shifts because it was easier for our lifestyle.

We wanted four kids when we got married, and we had four kids. We couldn’t afford to hire a babysitter while we were working, and daycare centers were even more expensive than a babysitter. I would not drop four boys that ranged from 6 months to five years on our parents. My husband and I sat down and talked about the work situation when I found out I was pregnant with the first child. I was going to work day shift, and he was going to work night shift. We would both be home during the night, and on most weekends. It worked well for us, and most stores were open 24 hours. One of us could get stuff from the store on our way home. I was on my way home one afternoon when I saw the new marijuana dispensary. They were open 24 hours. I couldn’t wait to get home and tell my husband about the marijuana dispensary and how they had hours for everyone. We had a three-day weekend, and he said he would stop and pick up something marijuana products, since our boys were getting older. His mom and dad wanted them for the weekend. I called my sister and told her there was a party at our house Saturday night, and we were bringing the marijuana products. There were ten people at our house, and everyone brought some marijuana products. We had a great party since the marijuana dispensary now had hours for everyone.

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