I wish I could use medical weed while pregnant

It smells that you can’t rely on marijuana products when pregnant.

They need to do some research because cannabis can basically maintenance everything; When you are pregnant there are a lot of drawback symptoms that come from it.

There is basically no way to relieve them either. I had trouble sleeping at night due to leg cramps. Did you know that cannabis can be used as a sleep aid to calm the mind and also reduce inflammation in cramped muscles? Cannabis also is great for acid reflux. When I developed pregnancy acid reflux I was irritated. It was worse than vomiting and the cramps. The acid kept me awake and was painful. Another pregnancy symptom is feeling nauseous. The heat and the lack of sleep made a actually exhausting combination in my stomach. It would have been entirely nice to have something to make it all better, but not all cannabis products have THC in them. I don’t even need to take in the hallocenginen part of the plant. Also, you don’t need to smoke or eat cannabis either. There are topicals that are creams applied directly to the skin. It doesn’t get you high or get into the bloodstream. A topical can reduce leg cramps though. So why can I not have that? Bare minimum a topical should be allowed. At this point it is still a banned product for pregnant ladies. I am left to pop tums, use a heating pad and just be irritated. I guess there has to be safe, marijuana infused products out there.
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