Need cannabis due to anxiety having a baby

Having a baby entirely changes you, periodically for the better and others for the worst; I feel like I am a more intense guy now. I am way moodier than I used to be. I guess it is stress, lack of sleep and added duties onto my plate! The anxiety I get when going to bed is just horrible. I guess it is because my baby is a exhausting sleeper, then he periodically wakes up crying and I know I will have 1.5 hours of intense screaming before he goes back down. Sporadically he just flat out refuses to sleep. I get entirely distraught that my mornings are going to be bad… Due to my anxiety, I then don’t sleep and get even more anxious. It makes me not a great partner, employee or guy at the end of the day. I have been looking into dosing with medical weed for the time being. I figure it can’t hurt! A little bit of THC and CBD should mellow me out. I am hoping if I am a bit high I can calm down and sleep. If I need to wake up and be up for 1.5 hours with a screaming baby, I want to be high for it. I guess being calmer will be better for my son too. I guess he feeds off my anxious, unhappy energy when he is screaming. It will also just be nicer being high periodically to be honest. Thankfully I do live near a cannabis dispensary and they can hook me up with the right product.

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