Good friends, wonderful vibes and wonderful marijuana

When I moved here, I didn’t know a single soul.

That was so odd for me.

This was the first time that’s ever been the case in my life. Even when I went off to university, I knew people from my household neighborhood who went there as well, and plus, I even knew my roommate so I had that comfort level while in the first transport of my life. As well as offering a level of comfort, that roommate also introduced me to recreational marijuana. That was something that honestly helped me deal with the stress and pressure of getting my degree. I went to work at my first job again in a place that was usual with because it was the town adjacent to where I went to university. So again, I knew people and was able to weave myself into the fabric of a modern work and social life. But taking this modern position and moving across the country put me in a position I had never experienced before. I knew unquestionably no one and had no clue about the area. Fortunately, I have an cabin downtown in this small town do navigating to work wasn’t a problem. Finding like minded people has also been much easier than I expected. I ended up moving to a place where recreational marijuana is legal. And the local cannabis spot is a ten minute walk from my apartment. That’s where I have found such a wonderful atmosphere and vibe. It’s also where I’m meeting people and forming modern friendships. But I’m also unquestionably grateful for the wonderful sativa and indica products that I can shop for and prefer oh so legally.
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