Finding marijuana with the THC content I am looking for

When marijuana was still illegal in my state I was just excited to buy whatever I could get my hands on. Sometimes this meant paying for Mexican brick weed that is full of stems and seeds, while other times we would get marijuana referred to as “hydro,” “chronic,” plus “crippy.” Anything that resembles top shelf cannabis sold in legal states would fall under this category, however in my day it was usually local growers doing indoor marijuana cultivation. I was lucky to have a buddy who knew a few growers in the area. Obviously I was never introduced to these people, despite the fact that I saw a wide variety of cannabis quality over those years. Honestly, the THC content in the buds was never the first thought on my mind, only because we never knew. But now that marijuana is legal in my state and lab testing is required by law, almost everyone fixates on the THC content of the marijuana flower that they purchase. Recently the THC content in the marijuana flower products available at multiple dispensaries has dropped below 17%. There are some weed stores that are pumping out batches of flower jars that are particularly below 15%. At that point I might as well go out and buy black market weed and avoid the frustration of finding quality legal marijuana. I suppose that THC is not everything—in fact, it’s more about the terpene percentage and the dominant terpenes that determine how the unique batch of marijuana will affect someone. I tell people to find the strains that work for them and to stick with those if they’re unsure about something new.

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