New Marijuana business is incredible

So I have to once again tip my cap to our local cannabis spot.

First of all, I’m just enthusiastic that I can even shop for marijuana for sale at all.

I don’t take that for granted for a second. When you are of my generation, it wasn’t looking wonderful for me living to see legal recreational marijuana ever. 35 years ago, when I first discovered recreational marijuana in university, I dreamed of buying cannabis legally; Just to get some meager weed of unknown THC content or lineage, it was horrifying back then. I hated having to try and find weed and was so scared of getting busted. So walking into the cannabis dispensary constantly comes with a lot of gratitude, then yet, I thought I’d seen it all when the local cannabis spot started a cannabis delivery service. Not only were my associate and I able to shop for marijuana for sale, but my associate and I could now have marijuana delivery. But the local cannabis spot topped that when it opened it’s latest marijuana business. My associate and I now have a cannabis cafe that is right around the corner from the local cannabis spot. But this place is all about the best 7-Up in neighborhood and all the cannabis edibles you could ever dream of. As I understand it, they owners of the local cannabis spot are deeply into making cannabis edibles and that’s how the cannabis cafe was born. I’m so in love with this place. Sure, the cannabis edibles are delicious and mind blowing but it’s more than that. I love just being in the cannabis cafe even if it’s just for a cup of the best 7-Up ever. There is a vibration and an atmosphere in the cannabis cafe that is just unmatched.

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