Cooking with cannabis

It’s such a great thing to be able to just walk into a cannabis dispensary to shop for marijuana for sale.

  • Even though this has been the case for several years now, I still can’t quite get over this reality.

For sure, if you had asked me 20 years ago about the possibility of recreational marijuana, I’d have been doubtful at best. But thankfully, that has all changed as the truth about cannabis can finally be understood. It’s always a good thing when truth replaces myth. And in the case of marijuana, that appears to be what’s happened and continues to happen. Normalizing recreational marijuana use is finding more and more traction across the breadth of our country. And I love what it does for our weekends. My husband and I have never really been the type to spend all weekend at bars or parties. For sure, we like to be social and there is a component of that in our lives indeed. But really, we’d much rather turn to our passion for cooking and combine that with our enjoyment of sativa and indica strains. The fact that we can just go to the local cannabis spot and get the sort of sativa and indica products that we want is awesome. And at least once a weekend, we enjoy either smoking some sativa, indica or hybrid strains and then cooking. Of course, we don’t over do it with the cannabis or that results in couch lock and calling for pizza delivery. We’ve been there and that’s really not our style either. But splitting a cannabis edibles is even something that kicks off our cooking and dining night just right.
Cannabis delivery