Wake me when the weed delivery has arrived.

I had a long labor week last week. I put in over sixty hours and all I wanted to do was put an order into the recreational marijuana dispensary and go home. I was going to have marijuana delivery so I could get some rest before my friends showed up. I walked in the door, and my partner was already home. I kissed her cheek and told him I was going to take a nap. I asked him to wake me when the marijuana delivery arrived! She smiled and went back to making breakfast. I was so tired that I right away fell asleep. I woke up to the sound of my friends in the residing room. I rushed into the shower and got dressed… My partner was laughing at one of the guys, and I went over to him. I wanted to know why she didn’t wake me when the marijuana delivery arrived? She told me she had tried, however I mumbled and rolled away from him. She knew how tired I was and didn’t want to frighten me since I was sleeping so well. After being told the marijuana delivery services dropped off the marijuana products about a half hour earlier, I just looked at him. I had only been sleeping for a little over an hour, however I felt like I had been sleeping for a week. I felt so refreshed that I thought I could party all night, however unblessedly, the marijuana delivery lady had dropped off the wrong order, and my associate and I didn’t have nearly enough marijuana products to last an hour. I had to call and ask for the rest of my marijuana products and added a few more to make sure my associate and I had enough marijuana products to last the night.

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