How recreational marijuana helps me

I’m getting more and more frustrated living in these times.

  • For me, the division in our country is just so hard to take.

I’m in my mid 40’s so I don’t have a huge perspective as if I was in my 75’s. But even then, I’m not sure I would be comfortable with what’s going on in our culture. Thankfully, I can find places like the cannabis dispensary where the vibration is one of compassion and healing. I really do cling to environments like this. My yoga class, the community garden and just sitting quietly in nature help soothe a battered soul. I just carry so much sadness that we are so divided at this point. And it seems like such an unfortunate time for that to be happening. When it comes to overpopulation, climate change and all this violence, we should be coming together more. That’s not the case though, not by a wide margin. So I do my best to look for the positives. For sure, having recreational marijuana legalized had been a great, large positive. And not just for me. There are so many people out there who are suffering from maladies that indica, sativa and hybrid strains can alleviate. That can only be a great thing. For those like me, having recreational marijuana access can be close to medicinal as well. I’m not so sure about the line between medical marijuana and recreational marijuana. Seems like cutting hairs in some cases. But for me, a bit of sativa products every so often really does help me maintain the positivity and hope that I believe we all need right now.

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