Camping with some pot brownies

It was so awesome to actually get out of the city and out into the woods.

Once again, I was in my element.

I grew up in a very small town and spent much of my early years out in nature. It was just the very best way to grow up. But since heading off to college, camping out has become much more of a rare event. That’s why I made sure that I made some great pot brownies for this last trip. The state I live in legalized medical marijuana first. This was so incredibly successful that it didn’t take much to push through legal recreational marijuana legislation. I’m a big fan of cannabis because I like to be able to enjoy the sensations, the stress relief and the calm. Plus, I don’t like the effects of drinking on my body. Of course, I could have stopped by the local cannabis spot to get some edibles. And there is a cannabis cafe that actually sells pot brownies. But that’s not what I wanted to do now that I’ve learned the art of making a great pot brownie. The whole thing is from scratch and I infuse both butter and oil with cannabis. It’s a bit of a detailed process but something that I find so pleasurable. There’s just something about cooking with cannabis that seems to add just that much more love to the marijuana treat. I broke those bad boys out on the hike into our camping destination. And it was the hit of the trip. We nibbled on those pot brownies for the entire weekend in the woods. One friend had never been camping before and was scared at first. But that yummy pot brownie helped alleviate all her fears and turned her into a camping enthusiast.

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