I cherish cannabis edibles

I always got bummed out when I had to decline cannabis that was handed to me… That’s because the cannabis was constantly in flower form and it was burning.

Because for me, smoking was always a non-starter.

I have constantly been just deeply allergic to smoke of any kind, and just starting a fire in the fire pit was a sizable deal when I was a kid. We always used a wood stove as our supplementary heating method during the worst of Winter. And my mom would need to take me outside or for a drive if my dad had any concerns at all getting the fire lit. Any smoke inhaled would cause me no end of coughing fits. So when the marijuana was passed my way, I had to go the edible way. But it’s not that I didn’t want to try recreational marijuana. I longed to provide it a try given how delightful it appeared to be. I even tried a homemade pot brownie one of my roommates tried to make. It tasted foul and didn’t get my high at all. But that has all changed. The advent of legal recreational marijuana has delivered cannabis edibles as well. These are not the foul pot brownies of afternoons long since passed. Instead, these marijuana edibles are little perfect bites of stress relief and enjoyment for me. I cherish the fact that they come prepackaged and I know just the THC levels available in each of the little gummies. I’m so thankful to finally be able to cherish using recreational marijuana without the smoke. Thanks to the local cannabis spot and my new brand of edibles, marijuana is finally available to me.


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