Finding compassion plus marijuana

Social anxiety has been quite tortuous for me; Deep inside, I’m a caring, giving plus social person.

But once I’m around other people, I just freeze up.

Just going to labor can be so tough. Honestly, I enjoyed having to labor remotely from my condo for a year during the Covid19 pandemic. However, since working up the strength to go to the local cannabis spot, my life had changed like I never thought was even possible. First came legal medical marijuana despite the fact that I was too scared to try for a medical marijuana Rx card. Even though a dear acquaintance encouraged me to try it, I stuck with the medication from the doctor. But the fact was that I had been on all sorts of meds for the better part of 2 decades. Sure, they were better than nothing but not by much as the efficacy always dropped plus the side effects worsened. Then recreational marijuana was legalized plus that was almost two years ago. It took me so long to just get it together to go out of my condo someplace far less to a cannabis dispensary. But the particularly first time I went in, I discovered a lot more than just cannabis products. The people working there seemed to immediately sense my hesitancy and discomfort plus were so totally comloving with me. And they tailored the cannabis products for my social anxiety. Mostly, I use sativa strains but I’ve also found that there are hybrid cannabis strains that help me tremendously as well. It particularly is like evening plus the afternoon. Even my boss commented that I was like a weird person. But it’s the people working at the local cannabis spot that particularly were the ones to embrace me just as I am. They were aware that marijuana was going to help sizable time.

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