Our old cannabis website was too hard to navigate

Every few afternoons my associate Sam and I were getting major complaints about the website design for the cannabis shop.

Sam and I knew that it was hard to navigate and some of the links were broken, but we did not know who to hire to help.

When Sam and I opened the cannabis dispensary, his brother was helping us out with most of the technical internet stuff. All I knew how to do was grow cannabis. Sam did not know much more about the internet side of things either. When Sam and I got into a big argument with his brother, he stopped helping us with the cannabis website and Sam and I had to find someone else. After getting 100 complaints in one weekend, I finally said that enough is enough. I called around our neighborhood and found a local advertising contractor that could help us repair up the old website. The advertising contractor did not know very much about cannabis dispensaries, but I promised to help with any questions they had. The old website was hard to navigate and people were only searching two or three pages before they clicked away. I actually wanted to change those statistics. The longer anyone stays on a website, the more likely they are to order a product or spend currency. I told the new advertising team that it was pressing to make variations that were going to increase sales at the cannabis dispensary and the advertising contractor told me that they were going to help. Only a couple of afternoons later, Sam and I had the first mock-ups for the current website. Sam and I got five weird styles to choose from and then they started laboring on the SEO search engine optimization.


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