Marijuana delivery must be a dangerous job.

I would think that marijuana delivery must be a dangerous job.

Although you have a tracker with you, so the dispensary knows where you are at all times, someone must know what you are delivering.

You go into some very unsafe areas and deliver marijuana. You don’t know if the person accepting the marijuana delivery is the patient until you get up to the door. You can ask for their ID, but before they give it to you, they may already have a gun pulled and pointed in your face. You can get mugged and/or killed for a $100 marijuana delivery. I don’t know if I would want to be a marijuana delivery driver. I doubt if you get paid enough to risk your life for someone who doesn’t want to come to the marijuana dispensary. I understand there are people who can’t get into the dispensary because of health issues, but there should be someone in the car, and not just the marijuana delivery driver. When my son told me he was going to get a job a marijuana delivery driver, I was in a panic. I was worried from the time he left for work until he got home. He told me it was a safe job, and the dispensary knew where he was. He checked in when he got out of the car, and when he got back in. Maybe it is just because I am his mother that I worry so much, but I want him to be safe. Marijuana delivery isn’t the safest job you can do.



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