I placed my marijuana order; then waited for delivery.

I couldn’t believe how easily my dispensary made it for me to get my marijuana products. I liked that I could call in an order, or go online and place an order. I never had to leave my house, and they always delivered my marijuana products on time, thanks to their new and improved marijuana delivery service. I used to go into the dispensary to pick up my marijuana products. I still needed to wait to get inside, but if I had an order placed, I had it within minutes. Then they opened a no-contact window at the back of the dispensary. You showed them your medical marijuana ID card, and they handed you the order. It was nice and easy. They have now made it easier with their new marijuana delivery service. There is no waiting for the delivery driver to drop off your product and then go back to their car. They hand your marijuana delivery to you, and you can make sure the order is right before the marijuana delivery driver leaves. There is no calling the dispensary when there is a problem with the order, because they do the marijuana delivery in person. I understood their reasoning behind contactless delivery, but too many times, I either got the wrong order, or it was wrong. I had to call the dispensary and have them send the right products out. I would then put the package on the doorstep and wait for the delivery driver to put a package on the steps. It was a pain in the butt.