I wished they had marijuana delivery during the pandemic.

During the pandemic, I had to put a mask on, and walked to the medical marijuana dispensary.

I waited outside the dispensary, amongst other people, who mostly had no mask on, regardless of the weather.

Only two people were allowed in the dispensary because of the pandemic, and it seemed to take forever to get inside. I hated standing there amidst a bunch of people I didn’t know, worrying whether they were transmitting COVID-19 to other people and myself. One man kept trying to talk to me, and I told him that unless he put his mask on, he could keep his distance. I didn’t want him within arm’s length of me, and he deliberately coughed in my face. Had there been a police officer around, I may have tried to have him arrested for attempted murder, but there was no one near. Shortly after the pandemic wound down, the marijuana dispensary started marijuana delivery. I wished they had marijuana delivery during the pandemic, but they didn’t. Suddenly, it seemed like they were pushing people to use marijuana delivery. I didn’t know if they feared another pandemic, or if it was just to get people to use their new service. They were pushing a lot of new things at their customers. I planned on using marijuana delivery twice, but I was hesitant. I finally asked the budtender if there were any regulations to using their marijuana delivery services. She told me you had to live within two miles of the dispensary and be within the city limits. I couldn’t have delivery services, even if I wanted to.

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