The healthcare worker was basically saying that my pain levels would decrease

When I was considerably younger, I played a pretty good amount of sports. In school, the coach was always trying to have me inject steroids into my knees so I could run faster and play harder. I didn’t know that there was anything wrong with that until much later when my knees could no longer support my body very well. I had to get both of them replaced entirely. After that, I have been in a lot of pain! Getting both of my knees updated means that I can walk again, although I still have a huge amount of pain… After the surgery, the healthcare worker explained to me that I could qualify for medical marijuana. Medical marijuana was still new to the area but the healthcare worker had a neighbor that would be able to write me a prescription that was valid. The healthcare worker urged me to meet with his pal. I read a lot of information about medical marijuana and I absolutely wasn’t too sure if it was the right decision for me. I waited a couple of months until I finally made my decision. I was in a tremendous amount of pain and I didn’t assume that anything could make my pain worse. I also didn’t assume that anything would be able to make the pain improve either. The healthcare worker said that my pain levels would decrease if I decided to use medical marijuana and he was right about that. I have way more flexibility and less swelling in my knee. I have less pain in my back and I generally feel less anxiety, worry, and fear these days. I sleep better at night and that is something that I did not expect in the least. I haven’t slept well in the longest time.

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