The gram of blue dream concentrate happened to be missing

There is a cannabis shop that is approximately 10 miles away from my household. The locale never had delivery in the past however a month back they started advertising that they were going to be doing delivery pretty soon. I got a SMS message last month and the SMS message stated that they were going to start delivering in the upcoming afternoon. I went to the online menu for the cannabis store. My buddy and I were already able to order online, however now there was a separate place for delivery instead of the proper pickup option. The website looked way different plus there was a chat feature. The chat feature was sort of cute to be honest. There was a small green pot plant with a smiley face on the right hand side. I entered into the chat with a live woman plus she was able to help me with placing my order. I got 3 grams of concentrate. I got one gram of blue dream, 1 gram of Durban poison, plus 1 gram of grandaddy purple. I also got some eighths of marijuana. There was a pretty good deal on all of the eighths of marijuana plus you could get buy one plus get one for half price on basically anything in the store. I ordered an eighth of OG kush, blackberry pie, plus Girl Scout cookies. The chat woman was able to provide me the total for my order plus I also saved in percent since it was my first time ordering for delivery. When the driver arrived with my cannabis items, the first thing that I noticed was the Blue Dream concentrate was missing. I called the cannabis shop plus the manager sent a delivery driver back to the household with the missing items.
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