I have each and every weekend off at the moment

I have been laboring at the marijuana shop downtown for close to 2 years. During that time period, I have worked as a delivery driver, front counter budtender, plus in back room order fulfillment. I learned a pretty good amount about marijuana while in that time. The boss was offering to make me assistant manager, although I am going to college to get my degree at the moment plus I do not want to labor full time. I have every weekend off currently plus laboring as a manager would mean laboring on Sundays plus Saturdays. Since I have been at the marijuana shop for the longest time, I finally get to take off on Sundays plus Saturdays plus those are the actual times that I get to spend with my bestie. She has a Monday through Friday 9:00 to 5:00 job at an office. The only time my pal and I easily get to see each other is on the weekends. I labor an evening shift at the marijuana shop most times so I do not get back to my household from labor until she is getting prepared to go to sleep. On Sundays plus Saturdays, my pal and I use our time together for activities that each one of us adore. My buddy and I easily like to go hiking plus Mountain biking as often as possible. Lately the weather has been great. My buddy and I go to the state park that is close to the household. I grab a marijuana joint from our stash plus the two of us smoke a joint before my pal and I head out on the trails. Weekends are the only time when my bestie will smoke marijuana plus she enjoys getting high before my pal and I go for a ride.


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