The surgery went well I though, even though I have a lot of pain

When I was a youngster, I liked to go outside plus play in the yard.

I was consistently hanging out by the creek or playing in the woods behind the household.

My Dad would yell when it was time for me to come back to the household although I usually spent the rest of my afternoon hanging outside. I had a couple of buddies nearby plus sometimes my pal and I went walking in the creek. It wasn’t a large or fast moving creek, however the rocks were covered with moss plus the water was roughly knee deep. One afternoon, I was chilling with my friends plus I fell into a hole. My leg got stuck between two rocks. When I attempted to pull out my leg, it started splitting on the jagged rocks under it. I could feel the pain plus the pressure. I told my buddies to run to my dwelling for help. I had to go to the ER that afternoon for stitches plus a broken leg. The healthcare worker had to put my leg back together because the rock disfigurement was rather severe. Since that afternoon, I have endured brutal pain in my leg every single afternoon. I had surgery to fix some problems, although I still have to use marijuana every afternoon to deal with the brutal pain. I use a 5mg edible in the morning hours plus another 5mg edible in the afternoon hours. The medical marijuana edibles help keep the throbbing pain at bay. I got medical marijuana approximately 2 years ago. I have been able to dose with 5 mg edibles for a period of time, however recently the pain has started getting entirely worse again.


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