I don’t have enough currency for medical marijuana.

When I was diagnosed with dire depression, I considered asking the healthcare worker for medical marijuana.

I was told that medical marijuana had fewer problems than any prescription medicine the healthcare worker prescribed. I went online plus did a lot of research on how to get a medical marijuana ID card. The process itself was lengthy, plus it cost a couple hundred dollars. My healthcare worker could not get me a medical marijuana ID card, so I was going to need to go to a pain specialist who was toiling with the state. Once I got the medical marijuana ID card, I had to go to a marijuana dispensary. Our state didn’t allow you to put in orders online unless it was the marijuana dispensary you used in your area,.but then you had to option your order up at the dispensary. They didn’t have delivery. One marijuana product cost $50 on average, then when my fiance got home, I told him I didn’t have enough currency for medical marijuana plus I showed him all the information I had found. He asked if I really thought it would help me. I wasn’t sure if it was going to help anymore than the $5 prescription I was taking now, however there would be fewer problems. He said he would spend my savings for everything, if that was what I wanted to do. I didn’t suppose even if my associate and I added both our incomes together, my associate and I could afford to purchase medical marijuana. He told me it was my decision, however if I changed my mind, my associate and I could come up with the currency so I could feel better.


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