I can never go back to the cannabis dispensary

Normally I avoid getting drunk, because I know it makes me act foolishly.

I usually stick to smoking cannabis, which keeps me nice & chill & eliminates my temper complications.

On this particular night I was out of weed, & decided to stop by the bar before hitting the local dispensary. My plan was to have one or two beers & watch part of the game. The game turned out to be a barn-burner, & I lost count of how several beers I drank while enjoying the entire thing. Three hours later I stumbled out of the bar, stone-cold wasted, & strolled into the medical cannabis dispensary. I usually go to this store for cannabis products two or three times a week, so they all know who I am. This time they wouldn’t let me inside. After I sobered up I understood that the cannabis regulations wouldn’t allow them to sell to me that night. It was not the fault of the cannabis dispensary or the security guard, I was just a drunkard who didn’t have an ID & they legally couldn’t let me in. At the time I wasn’t logical or coherent, so I tried to argument the guard, however not only did I get sent to the hospital, but I woke up with a lifetime ban from the medical cannabis shop. Now I can never go back. This is a massive concern for me, because there are no other medical cannabis dispensaries in the area. I will have to beginning getting my cannabis products through a mail-order supplier in another town.



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