I can never go back to the cannabis dispensary

Normally I avoid getting drunk, because I know it makes me act foolishly.

I usually stick to smoking cannabis, which keeps me nice and chill and eliminates my temper issues.

On this particular night I was out of weed, and decided to stop by the bar before hitting the local dispensary. My plan was to have one or two beers and watch part of the game. The game turned out to be a barn-burner, and I lost count of how many beers I drank while watching the entire thing. Three hours later I stumbled out of the bar, stone-cold wasted, and wandered into the medical cannabis dispensary. I usually go to this store for cannabis products two or three times a week, so they all know who I am. This time they wouldn’t let me inside. After I sobered up I understood that the cannabis regulations wouldn’t allow them to sell to me that night. It was not the fault of the cannabis dispensary or the security guard, I was just a drunkard who didn’t have an ID and they legally couldn’t let me in. At the time I wasn’t logical or coherent, so I tried to fight the guard. Not only did I get sent to the hospital, but I woke up with a lifetime ban from the medical cannabis shop. Now I can never go back. This is a big problem for me, because there are no other medical cannabis dispensaries in the area. I will have to start getting my cannabis products through a mail-order company in another town.

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