Reunion fun with marijuana

I was dreading going to my 30th reunion… Highuniversity wasn’t exactly easy for me. I was a bit of a nerd but you wouldn’t know it by looking at me. I was absolutely sort of popular but not the way all the pigskin player types were. And I stayed dwelling most weekends so it wasn’t like I was getting in on the recreational marijuana that appeared to be going on for all the cool folks. It wasn’t until university that I sort of bloomed. Ironically, that may have had something to do with me finally discovering cannabis. I’m not sure just how much of that coming into my own can be attributed to weed. But I can say that it actually played a role. I went on from university to work for a company that was thousands of miles from where I went to highuniversity. So multiple of the people that I graduated with ended up staying put. When the invitation came for the reunion, I wasn’t so sure that I even wanted to go. But there were several outdated friends that kept calling to press me to get to the reunion. Thankfully, my dwelling state also allows for recreational marijuana. And I headed for the local cannabis spot as soon as I drove my rental from the airport into town. I stopped for some sativa products and some cannabis edibles. It was the cannabis edibles that I was going to have in my pocket. All it took was a couple of nibbles on that cannabis edible and I just relaxed enough to not care what happened at the reunion. And I absolutely ended up reattaching in such a large way with some good people.

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