Ex-wifey and cannabis dispensary equals large fun

It’s so funny sometimes how things work out.

  • That’s something that I see more and more these afternoons.

I know it has a lot to do with discovering cannabis. I was pretty straight laced all my life. I did what was expected of me and I stuck to all the rules and instruction that I had been raised with. And I was pretty much mostly angry all of my adult life. I’m content to say that’s not the case any longer. There is a lot of freedom when you realize your own agency! My wifey and I met at a small, religious university. There was no experimenting with recreational marijuana or anything like that. I mean, I don’t know my fantastic friend and I even had our first kiss until like a couple of months into dating. And from there, my fantastic friend and I just sort of followed a path that wasn’t exactly ours, yet, my fantastic friend and I did raise two fantastic humans along the way. But once my fantastic friend and I were done actively parenting, it became pretty clear that my fantastic friend and I just genuinely had nothing else. My pal and I split and have since become even closer friends. I found that I wanted to try cannabis products since it was legal to use recreational marijuana now. I still felt sort of weird but I leaned into trying new things. I’m so blissful that the people at the local cannabis spot are so kind and were so willing to help such a cannabis rookie. It was so remarkable to find such liberty in my perspective once I started using sativa and indica strains. And what’s even more amazing is that my ex and I are now best friends as she too has found her way to the cannabis dispensary. My pal and I absolutely ran into each other there and just burst into laughter.

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