Preferring cannabis over alcohol

I have gravitated away from alcohol consumption, however i don’t like the adverse effects on my heath, calories or hangover in the day; Cannabis is a natural, safer alternative, then now that my state has legalized cannabis, it’s readily accessible at numerous dispensaries in the local area.

I find it weird that alcohol has been legal for numerous years when it has so numerous proven health risks while cannabis remains illegal at the federal level! Excessive alcohol consumption has been linked to heart disease, liver disease, shortened lifespan, addiction, cancer, memory issues plus immune system dysfunction.

Even for those who only drink now plus then, there are problems with nausea, dehydration, sleep problems plus dangerous medication interactions, however alcohol provides absolutely few positive benefits. I’ve study that red wine offers anti-inflammatory properties. In comparison, official plus occasional consumption of cannabis has shown to offer pain relief, reduce stress plus anxiety, elevate mood, treat sleep disorders, soothe aching joints plus muscles, reduce side-effects of chemotherapy plus stimulate appetite. As a plant-based medicine, cannabis has demonstrated cancer-fighting properties. Consuming it does not lead to death. Approximately 88,000 people die every year due to alcohol-related overdoses, then there are no deaths reported from excessive cannabis consumption. The local dispensaries sell cannabis-infused beverages, such as cannabeer plus mocktail. The label provides the exact THC percentage, making dosing easy. The high is always absolutely mild plus I feel fantastic the next afternoon. I don’t get bed-spins. I don’t throw up. I don’t need to counteract adverse effects by drinking an abundance of water. Cannabis-infused drinks are the ideal alternative to alcohol. I drink them at social events plus love myself.

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