The benefits of vapes

The vape pens are truly convenient.

I have discovered the convenience of cannabis vapes. I now understand why they have become so popular. There are dozens of types of vaping devices and a nearly endless selection of extracts and oils. I had heard that vapes were a safer alternative to smoking. I’d also heard that there are illegal cannabis cartridges that contain thickening additives and cheap chemicals that compromise effectiveness. Plus, these agents can turn into carcinogenic chemicals when heated. Fortunately, the local dispensary only sells vapes that have been lab-serviced and third-party verified for safety and integrity. I like that vapes are more discreet and make it easy to control the dosage. The preloaded cartridges are especially helpful. I can decide how much cannabis I want to consume with each puff. I know exactly how much THC is contained in each dose. The intensity of the first hit is totally consistent with the last hit. I don’t need to worry about diminished potency. With flower, it begins to dry out as soon as I open the jar and it gets exposed to air. Cannabis concentrates offer a longer shelf life. Most of the vapes available at the dispensary feature programmable heat settings. I can adjust the temperature at any time during the process. It took some experimentation to figure out the temperature that I prefer, however the effects are truly amazing, but unlike smoking, the extracts are heated just to the point of vaporization. Eliminating the combustion process preserves the desired cannabinoids and terpenes for a stronger, richer and better flavor. I also don’t need to worry about drawing unwanted attention. There is no open flame and no telltale smell, smoke or ash created. The vape pens are truly convenient. I don’t need any extra gear and they fit right into my pocket. I am cheerful to spend a little more to buy a premium cannabis pen with a long-lasting battery. This allows me to care about it for numerous sessions before it requires recharging.
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