Finding out the medicinal benefits of marijuana

I use cannabis to help me fall asleep at night

I was glad when recreational weed was legalized in my state. When I first began shopping at the dispensary, I was strictly looking for high THC products for recreational enjoyment, then however, as I’ve experimented with weird consumption methods and strains, I’ve begun to appreciate cannabis more for its medicinal benefits. I’ve found that this plant-based remedy is beautifully effective in treating a wide variety of health concerns. I’ve gone from only smoking flower to experimenting with edibles, beverages, tinctures, vapes and topicals. I shop for hybrid joints to help with relaxation. At the end of a long, tiring and identifiably stressful afternoon, lighting up and inhaling those incredible cannabinoids and terpenes works to mellow me out. I’ve read that cannabis can trigger a dopamine response that leads to joyful feelings and a more positive mood, however because of my task, I suffer from chronic pain in my joints and muscle tension. My shoulders, hips, neck and back often ache. I sometimes experience muscle cramps. Topicals and tinctures are a fantastic combination for pain relief. I choose products that are high in CBD and cause no psychoactive effects. I can apply cannabis-infused ointments or balms directly to the concern part for localized relief multiple times per afternoon. I combine the topicals with the sublingual absorption of tinctures for a synergistic treatment. I’ve also found that this partnership of tinctures and topicals can reduce inflammation, swelling and get rid of headaches. I use cannabis to help me fall asleep at night. I use it to get motivated for a workout and to lessen the pain of sunburns, bee stings and bug bites.

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