I hated interviewing before I used dispensary hiring solutions.

I never knew what I was getting into when I had to do an employee interview, most of the interviews were on people who saw the sign on the outside of the building & walked in for an application; This took up a lot of time as a employer! Although interviews were a necessity, almost everyone thought they were employer material, even if they were new employees! When I found dispensary hiring solutions, it took the guesswork out of hiring.

I could put in what I needed from the employee.

And the dispensary hiring solutions would do all the labor for me. The ad would go out to hiring companies who posted the ad & would notify me when a potential recruit was available. They had to meet certain requirements, or I wouldn’t be notified of their interest in a task. I loved that dispensary hiring solutions would embed a widget into my website, that would allow prospective employees to put in an application online. I could research that employee even before bringing them in the door. The time I spent on a walk-in applicant was wasted time, most of the time. They wouldn’t have the education or the experience that was necessary for the position I was hiring for. With dispensary hiring solutions, it took most of the guesswork out of the equation. All I needed to do was make sure the person was the right fit for my cannabis dispensary, & not if the person could do the task. The interview now became easier, & it was less time consuming.

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