Medical marijuana should be cheaper.

I am a firm believer that medical marijuana should be cheaper, however you need to pay a lot of currency to get a medical marijuana ID card, and the price of buying medical marijuana is crippling our wallets. I see people coming into the medical marijuana dispensary, and I can tell they aren’t any better off than I am. Most of us are on set incomes because of our disability. In our state, you need to have a disability and be unable to function respectfully, for them to supply you medical marijuana status. I have rheumatoid arthritis and was close to being in a wheelchair. Medical marijuana has given me back some quality of life, even though I can’t afford to use it as the healthcare expert recommended, then one small tube of marijuana infused pain cream cost me over $60. That is my entire budget for medication, and I’ve not yet purchased my proper prescriptions. While the state is getting rich by offering legal, medical marijuana, my friend and I are getting poorer. I would not purchase medical marijuana when I saw the price, but the healthcare expert assured me it would help, which it has, but next month, I’ll be going back to over-the-counter medicines, because medical marijuana is making it too taxing to live. Medical marijuana should be cheaper or partially covered by our insurance. I heard some people may get their medical marijuana for free, because they are considered poverty-stricken. They get their food stamps, yearly currency, and everything medical is free. Now they are considering giving them medical marijuana for free. This is a travesty.

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