Medical marijuana helped my partner with my RLS.

I had RLS so poor that my partner quit sleeping with me, then he was exhausted of getting kicked in the middle of the evening.

He didn’t want to hear my legs pounding on the bed, like I was trying to break a hole in the mattress! The last time I kicked him, he was bruised badly. He told that when I got something to help with the RLS, he would return to our bed, and i was hurt and thought he didn’t want to be near me anymore, even though I saw the bruise on his leg, and I could feel the pain in my foot from how taxing I kicked him. I made an appointment to talk to my healthcare expert. He told me that there were some medical marijuana products that could help with the RLS. He gave me a list of things that could cause the RLS, and one of them was nerve detriment, which I had from a car accident. I went home and told my partner that medical marijuana could be the way my friend and I get back into the same bedroom. Within ten minutes, he had brought up a website where I could apply for medical marijuana through the state. They gave us a list of healthcare experts who were certified by the state to prescribe medical marijuana. Three months later, I was using medical marijuana and finding that I was sleeping much better, however my partner had returned to our bed, and my friend and I were both sleeping better than my friend and I had in years. He says he can now cuddle with me separate from worrying about getting kicked, and it’s all because of the medical marijuana I had been using before going to bed.

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