Cannabis adds to my holistic changes

So having a heart attack at 48 will certainly get your attention. I’m just so sad that it had to come to that for me to actually make essential changes to the way I lived my life. I survived the heart attack obviously and I wanted to do all I could to have that be the only time I experience that scene. Interestingly enough, I’m now using cannabis products as part of a complete overhaul of my lifestyle. I mean, it’s no wonder that I had a heart attack with the way I was living me life. In retrospect, I’m just amazed that it didn’t happen sooner and actually kill me. I’ve done nothing but abuse my body since I left home for college. I partied far too much in college which included plenty of recreational marijuana. But once I got my career underway, I went full on into all stress, all the time. The type of job I have comes with a fair amount of confrontation, friction, deadlines and a ton of tension. Too bad, I didn’t know about the affects of sativa and indica strains back then. Although, I was so laser focused on achieving what I wanted out of my career that I probably wouldn’t have paid attention. I certainly wasn’t a paying attention to the important relationships in my life. I think that’s one of the biggest changes now that I have put big boundaries on work. I’m balancing my time in the office with my time with loved ones. Additionally, I’ve cut out all the terrible food and late nights drinking to let off steam. The sativa and indica strains that I get at the local cannabis spot really do help me relax as well as make better choices.

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