Cannabis made great vacation just perfect

When we landed in the closest city to our vacation destination, we worked our way over to the car rental desk.

We actually got the car we had reserved for once.

Since this was vacation, we splurged and rented a convertible. As we were driving to the resort just about 90 minutes out of the city, we saw one cannabis dispensary after another. That’s when it suddenly dawned on us. We were actually in a state that had legal marijuana! It was almost as if it were a bolt out of the blue. Actually, we were so thrilled that we almost stopped at one of the cannabis dispensaries there in the city. But our flight had been late and we wanted to get checked in at this awesome resort we had been wanting to vacation for years. During check in at the resort, I happened to offhandedly remark about legal recreational marijuana. The front desk guy stopped what he was doing to direct us to his favorite local cannabis spot. The vacation started off just right thanks to that guy. We dropped our bags and then the top on the car and headed to this local cannabis spot. Holy cow, was this the coolest place ever. This was a cannabis dispensary that was also on a cannabis grower’s farm. It was the most awesome experience. Plus, we got hooked up with some of the finest purple cannabis I’ve ever had in my life. Needless to say, we indulged in many sunsets, sunrises and spa days while we were on vacation thanks to the local cannabis spot.


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